Reini’s Journey at Luminovo

October 17, 2022




Curious to know what being an Intern or Working Student at Luminovo looks like? We’ve asked Reini, who has experience in both.

From Entrepreneur in Residence Intern in the Customer Success team to Talent Acquisition Working Student in the People team, Reini’s journey at Luminvo started in November 2021. 

What made you apply for Luminovo?

As board member of START Munich, a community of student entrepreneurs, I was very much exposed to the Munich startup ecosystem, and the idea of gaining some hands-on experience in the sector quickly began to swirl around in my head. It was thanks to a fellow STARTie (yes, this is how we call START members) that I was introduced to Sebastian, Co-Founder of Luminovo, and soon after, I found myself having lunch with him.

“Ok, so when do I start working at Luminovo?” – this is how our lunch ended, to my surprise. I say this because I knew Luminovo for its super smart people, people who had worked there and then continued their career paths at McKinsey, Stanford, or becoming founders themselves. This is, in fact, true, but getting to know Seba on that informal occasion made me realise the barrier that separated me from becoming a Luminerd was just in my head. He was so approachable and able to make me feel at ease that I immediately felt Luminovo could be the right fit for me.

What did you do as an Intern?

After the interview process, I joined the Customer Success team as Entrepreneur in Residence Intern. When I first met Aljoscha in person (former Head of Customer Success, now Product Manager) we hugged each other and knew that was the beginning of a great time together. 

My onboarding experience was very well planned and felt like a thorough introduction to the wonderful world of Luminovo… or, I should say, the wonderful world of Notion! We do literally everything with it. Jokes aside, I was given the essential tools to kick-start my internship and, as a result, I reached a good working speed pretty quickly. Special thanks go to Aljoscha and Nadja (Product Analytics) who took the time to show me around our product through several sessions. 🙂

I was then ready to take on the numerous responsibilities I had, from onboarding customers (yes, even on my own just after a few weeks because this is how we work at Luminovo) to improving our internal processes and working on our product documentation. Whenever a new Luminerd was hired, I would be the one in charge of the internal product onboarding, especially essential for our new Customer Success Managers, which I enjoyed the most. 

If ever I was stuck with a task or simply wanted to learn something (anything!), I could ping a fellow Luminerd directly or post my question in Slack and receive a prompt answer: from my curiosity for Engineering operations, to Finance, or yet uncovered knowledge in my own department.

Towards the end of my internship, I slowed down a bit and transitioned to a part-time Working Student role to focus more on finishing my Bachelor’s degree.

Fun fact: Even as an Intern/Working Student, I was able to join LumiWeek, our annual company retreat, an occasion to meet all together in person and have fun, discuss, learn from each other and work on strategic topics. This year we went to the beautiful Eibsee in the German Alps.

What’s your current role as a Working Student?

As it often happens at Luminovo, the end of my internship wasn’t a “goodbye”!
After soaking in everything I could in Customer Success, I was longing for learning more. So I got the conversation going with my manager and expressed my wish to stay at Luminovo but explore a different area of the business: that’s how I joined the People team as Talent Acquisition Working Student.

I could leverage my experience in expanding START Munich’s network to justify this department shift, but also I highlighted my genuine curiosity in understanding how Luminovo manages to hire and retain such brilliant talents. This is something I truly appreciate about this startup: you can grow according to your interests and passions – and that’s actually a mutual benefit because if you enjoy doing something, you have a tendency to be very good at it, with the right guidance and support. 

In practical terms, I am currently DRI (directly responsible individual) for collaborations with student programmes such as CDTM (Center for Digital Technology and Management), student initiatives like START Munich or, as well as universities like CODE Berlin or WHU. If you are interested in organising a talk or workshop with us, just hit me up any time on LinkedIn!

While driving my own projects, I am very well supported by the current Talent Acquisition team, especially Neha (Head of People), Ellie and Sav (Talent Acquisition Managers), but also by Hannah, who was an Intern herself and is now full-time Founder’s Associate, with whom I collaborate on smaller projects. It’s incredibly enriching to work closely with such diverse people, both in terms of management level and cultural background (just in our team we count two different time zones and four different nationalities!).

What would you say to someone interested in Luminovo?

My Luminovo journey has taught me one important thing: if you’re looking for an employer that values you for who you are and not for the big names on your CV, then look no further. I really recommend you to read this blog written by our Co-Founder Timon on the hiring philosophy at Luminovo, especially if you’re thinking of applying for one of our open positions. I, myself, read it before that famous lunch with Seba and it definitely helped me be on the same page.

I think Luminovo is the first place I’ve worked in that I would really consider diverse in terms of people, but, at the same time, uniform in the force that drives every Luminerd on a daily basis to always improve, value feedback, be proactive and trust each other. 

“Trust me when I say it is the best place and time to work here if you want to be an intrapreneur or entrepreneur.”

That’s it. Ok, I know I am biased, but be aware that my contract is ending soon, so no one forced me to say all this! If you don’t believe me, you can only try it for yourself.

P.S.: You will become a Notion pro while getting paid for it. 😉

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Let's talk.

Ask us anything during a live software demo.
Or check out a 5-min video of the most relevant features before.

Interested? Let's talk.

Ask us anything during a live software demo.
Or check out a 5-min video of the most relevant features before.

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