✨ New success story: How Datalink enhanced their quoting precision





✨ New success story: How Datalink enhanced their quoting precision

✨ New success story: How Datalink enhanced their quoting precision

Luminovo in a nutshell

Hi! We are a software company founded in Munich and, by now, spread over nine countries and 23 cities working together remotely-first. As a driven and diverse team we want to make an impact, specifically in the electronics industry. Find out more about our unique journey below.







December 2017

Founding Luminovo

Having met at Stanford, Timon and Seba decide to return home and join forces to build an AI solutions company that should bring the Silicon Valley spirit to corporate Germany.

December 2018

One year of AI-solution building

Our projects are ramping up and we manage to scale better by narrowing our focus to image- and text-based workflows, automating complex systems and developing internal tooling.

June 2019

Exploring productisation

Despite successful AI projects, our team wants to have a bigger impact with their very own product, so we start exploring productization opportunities in parallel.

November 2019

30 projects with 20 clients

We successfully delivered 30 projects incl. computer vision applications, natural language processing solutions, and time-series analyses to over a dozen DAX corporations.

January 2020

Luminovo goes electronics

After weeks of various industry exploration, we kick off our transition away from boutique AI solutions towards a product-oriented company in the electronics industry.

April 2020

Pre-seed funding

We raise over 2.5 million euros pre-seed funding from our top investors La Famiglia VC and Cherry Ventures to develop the leading electronics software suite.

May 2020

First manufacturer co-development

Lacon Electronic GmbH joins us as the first EMS to co-develop a solution for their challenging quoting process with us.

February 2021

Luminovo launch – Manufacturing

We launch the initial version of our Luminovo software as the first puzzle piece to being the copilot for the electronics industry.

July 2021


We decide to keep an office space, but also open ourselves up to the worldwide pool of incredible talent and decided to build a hybrid, remote-first culture.

October 2021

First acquisition

We acquire Electronic Fellows to accelerate existing processes, as well as seize new opportunities to push the interconnection of the electronics industry together.

April 2022

First designer co-development

ICC Intelligent Platforms GmbH, an Emerson subsidiary, joins us as the first electronics designer to co-develop new modules with us. The goal is better supply chain transparency and collaboration for engineering and procurement.

June 2022

Seed funding

To fuel our strong growth, we receive €11 million in seed funding from our first-tier investors Chalfen Ventures, Tencent, Verve Venture, Cherry Ventures and La Famiglia VC.

March 2023

Luminovo extension – Engineering

With our modules built for electronics designers, we launch the next puzzle pieces to being the copilot for the entire electronics industry – from design to manufacturing.


50+ employees and 100+ customers

By now, an incredible team of more than 50 people is working on our software solution that already helps more than 100 companies every day.

We're backed by fantastic investors

Supported by Cherry Ventures, La Famiglia, Chalfen Ventures, Tencent, Verve Ventures and an incomparable group of business angels, Luminovo has raised more than €13.5m in funding up to date. Everyone strongly believes in our exceptional team and unique position in one of the most important industries of our time.

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