Supply chain intelligence

Control risks and costs along your supply chain. Leverage real-time insights and one unified tool connecting all process steps to build and procure resilient cost-effective electronic products. Monitor market prices, identify trends, derive target prices and negotiate strategically to achieve cost savings across the product lifecycle.

Luminovo's supply chain intelligence is the ideal solution for these industries


Measurement & test


Increase resilience and continuity from design to procurement

Uncover risks early by uploading your BOM and getting deep and comprehensive insight into price, availability, compliance, lifecycle data and geo-risks (like tariffs and country of origin) in real-time from over 1.000 distributors and manufacturers. Ensure design continuity by proactively screening for lifecycle and compliance changes on part level and supply continuity by monitoring market lead times and availabilities. Our copilot will notify you if you need to act. Also track how price and other data change between different points in time.

Set up automatic in-app and email alerts for assemblies on changes in compliance and lifecycle

Analyse sourcing scenarios at different points in time to spot changes in lead times, prices, or availability


Implement data-driven design-to-cost decisions

Integrate your entire tooling landscape from ERP to PLM and other data tools (e.g. Silicon Expert) to get the most accurate and personalised insights and calculations in minutes (incl. manufacturing costing and instant PCB pricing). Receive automated recommendations to act in form of suggested part alternatives or flagged design issues and save time as well as up to 10% in product costs. Monitor market prices and identify price trends of components to derive target prices and negotiate strategically. Work together between engineering and procurement using one tool to achieve cost savings from design throughout your products’ lifecycles.

Use our advanced part library with various filter and search options to quickly link a high number of MPNs to IPNs ensuring clean ERP data

Get immediate DfM checks and PCB pricing with real-time quotes and lead times from 30+ suppliers

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Schedule a free demo with us
or access a product video

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