Optimise your electronics spend. Digitise and automate your supplier management from qualification to performance assessment. Monitor costs and supply across assemblies, in real-time or for different points in history. Improve your negotiation outcomes and save costs in procurement spend.

Luminovo's source-to-contract is the ideal solution for these industries



Measurement & test


Enable data-driven strategic sourcing

Get comprehensive cost transparency through automation and integration. Automate tasks from identifying to qualifying and selecting suitable suppliers. Integrate your entire tooling landscape from ERP to PLM and Silicon Expert centralizing your procurement and price databases across all your assemblies and ERPs to identify savings potential. Luminovo automatically cleans ERP data, matches internal part numbers to actual OTS parts and uses a network of alternative parts to identify arbitrage savings.

Best-in-class BOM scrubbing engine to clean ERP data

Approved for manufacturing part alternative recommendations


Reduce supply chain and supplier risks

Manage your supplier relationships in one unified tool. Reduce the likelihood of disruptions in production by continuously and in real-time assessing risks associated with suppliers’ compliance with regulations and standards and overall supply chain topics like geopolitics. Have costs and risk of all your assemblies and parts available at your fingertips. Derive optimal sourcing configurations from our intelligent spend analysis.

Comprehensive overview of parts and assembly demand and orders

Multiple sourcing scenarios with different order sizes and preferences for best price, fastest lead time, preferred and approved suppliers, packaging and more


Identify saving opportunities and negotiate better

With deep and easily available insights and analyses on factors like market trends, sourcing activities and contract compliance you can determine target prices and terms based on data in no time – no Excel needed! Be smart backing your arguments in strategic negotiations.

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Schedule a free demo with us
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