Automate quoting and make intelligent decisions. Let AI process messy customer BOMs and PCB designs. Get part prices and automatic breakdowns of manufacturing costs in seconds. Finish and send your quote with a few simple clicks.

Luminovo's configure-price-quote is the ideal solution for these industries


PCB supplier


Process messy BOMs better and faster

Upload any customer BOM from Excel to PDF into Luminovo and have our AI-driven technology create an organised digital version automatically matching MPNs and recognising detailed specifications. With numerous supplier APIs, Luminovo helps you find the most suitable sources as well as approved-for-manufacturing part alternatives in seconds, based on real-time information about price, lead time, compliance, lifecycle and more. Simply upload your Gerber and ODB++ design files, visualize your PCB, validate materials and stack-ups, and detect any design violations.

AI BOM Importer that matches MPNs, gives suggestions for partial matches and supports generic resistors and capacitors (extracts technical parameters from the description instead of relying on an MPN)

Connect any ERP system to streamline key data such as inventories, IPNs, historical prices, and customer/supplier information

Find millions of parts from over 10,000 manufacturers

supply chain collaboration
supply chain collaboration
supply chain collaboration


Calculate costs accurately and dynamically

Let Luminovo automatically determine your material costs based on your chosen sourcing strategy, encompassing pre-negotiated contract prices. Input your assembly line information, manufacturing activities, and additional expenses into the tool, generating automatic breakdowns of manufacturing costs using uploaded BOMs and PCB design files. Instantly adjust your calculations to reflect market variations or factors like energy expenses.

Formula-based overhead and manufacturing calculation with the help of smart templates

Formulas for automatic calculation of scrap (incl. leader and attrition)

Real-time contract pricing with your own API keys (incl. PCB prices)


Receive requests and send quotes without headaches

Invite your customers to work with you directly in Luminovo and have them check the availability and manufacturability of their designs in a self-service manner. Request quote prices effortlessly from 30+ suppliers streamlining the process without having to navigate between multiple tools. Transfer the final cleaned-up quotation data back into your ERP, export your finished quote and send it on its way – faster than your competitors.

Customer Portal incl. self-service upload of files, dedicated change request workflows and direct communication flow

Quote portal for suppliers offering them a login to respond to your requests by adding their offers, comments and files directly in Luminovo

Schedule a free demo with us
or access a product video

Schedule a free demo with us
or access a product video

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