PCB price engine

Automate your quoting and access the Luminovo ecosystem. Let AI turn customer files into a PCB digital thread. Create parametric pricing with ease to streamline internal quoting. Launch your online portal to collaborate with customers or create a webshop.

Luminovo's PCB price engine is the ideal solution for these industries


PCB supplier


Measurement & test


Simplify your manufacturer operations

Automate the extraction of PCB data from Gerber and ODB++ files as well as from PDF documents. Seamlessly create a PCB digital thread, including stackups and customer panels. Map the capabilities of your own or outsourced manufacturing operations and check for design violations and manufacturability of the current design.

AI-based PCB data extractor from Gerber & ODB++ and PDF documents

Automatic generation of stackups as well as customer panels

Automatic check for manufacturability and design violations of PCBs at your preferred manufacturers

Luminovo pcb digital thread
Luminovo pcb digital thread
Luminovo pcb digital thread


Manage capability profiles and run DfM check

Communicate and resolve engineering questions with your customers or external manufacturers more efficiently through our collaboration portals. Turn your internal quoting automation into a self-serve webshop including checkout and payment for standard boards to spare you having to chase responses.

PCB Customer Portal with the option to launch a self-serve webshop

PCB Supplier Portal to streamline communication and resolve engineering questions


Create API-ready pricing and automate manual quote requests

Automate your standard 80% of quote requests by creating your own parametric pricing that can be shared via API. Connect automated and up-to-date pricing, including complex matrix pricing, from your own or outsourced manufacturing operations to reduce your manual efforts and get more accurate results. Send and compare quote requests to external manufacturing more easily.

Parametric pricing generator to enable own auto-pricing including API

Integration of matrix price of all external manufacturers in one click

Manual send-out of quote requests and import of manufacturer offers for external manufacturing

Luminovo API PCB pricing
Luminovo API PCB pricing
Luminovo API PCB pricing

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Schedule a free demo with us
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