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February 9, 2024

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Learn how TEF Montajes unleashed a 2.5x efficiency boost in RFQs through the words of Ferran Forges Prados, Managing Director.

Industry: Electronic Manufacturing Service.

About the company: TEF Montajes is a Spanish EMS company with over 40 years of experience. They provide a wide range of services around series production as well as prototyping, and focus on customer-specific solutions. Their customer base is mainly in Spain. They have been a user of the Luminovo quoting solution since 2023.

The challenge

The general challenge within TEF Montajes were manual processes with high inefficiencies. So, naturally, the need to digitalise them and introduce automation was strong.

One key process that was lacking automation was the quoting process. Their approach to processing request for quotations (RfQs) involved a high share of tedious manual work based on Excel files, which they filled-in manually. Especially, the manual component comparison regarding availability and prices on supplier websites or with distributors consumed a substantial amount of time.

Simultaneously, the increasing need for just-in-time responses to customer requests made it inevitable to rethink this process in order to fulfil upcoming demands.

The decision

Having recognised their RfQ process inefficiencies, TEF Montajes started to analyse several possible solutions that could fit their needs, and eventually decided to choose Luminovo as their partner to streamline their quoting process. Our solution stood out by offering a compelling holistic solution combining ease of use, an intuitive design, and a strong commitment to service and support.

The result

The initial doubts about achieving practical benefits and adapting to TEF's specific needs were quickly dispelled, and Luminovo brought about transformative results for TEF Montajes.

The most significant advantage was the reduction in the time required for generating offers and the newfound clarity in Bill of Materials (BOM) management, which was hard to achieve by manual work. Luminovo's automation capabilities eliminated the need for manual checks, allowing TEF to update all offers in real-time with just one push of a button. This not only accelerated the process but also increased accuracy.

Additionally, Luminovo’s component sourcing capability automatically saves substantial time and effort, by automatically reducing the risk of using obsolete components and ensuring compliance.

Through these efficiency improvements, TEF Montajes is able to achieve a faster delivery of offers and respond more promptly to customer requirements without compromising reliability. For standard requests, TEF Montajes was able to reduce the required time to process them from 3 days down to 1 day, and for more complex requests from 5 days down to only 3 days. So, on average, they achieved a reduction of RfQ processing time of 2 days. In general, Luminovo enabled TEF Montajes to process ca. 40% more RfQs.

Luminovo’s implementation at TEF Montajes highlights the tangible improvements in efficiency, time savings, and overall effectiveness in their quoting processes.

What do you appreciate the most about Luminovo?

Ferran Forges Prados, Managing Director, TEF Montajes:

“Nowadays, everything has to be just-in-time. So what Luminovo gives us is speed and price accuracy. We can calculate the same offers that we used to do manually with more automation. In the past, we spent a lot of time comparing everything. Luminovo is helping our purchasing department, and our purchasing team now has more time to focus on important work because they don't have to spend as much time comparing different websites. And that's something we realised when we started using Luminovo—it was a significant advancement for us, especially because we are aiming to digitalise our business processes. Ultimately, all EMS companies have to evolve.”

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Let's talk.

Ask us anything during a live software demo.
Or check out a 5-min video of the most relevant features before.

Interested? Let's talk.

Ask us anything during a live software demo.
Or check out a 5-min video of the most relevant features before.

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