Game Changer: Enhancing Quotation Precision

April 9, 2024

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Hear how to increase calculation accuracy and unlock the potential for better quotation from the direct experience of Aran Sharma and his team at Datalink.

Industry: Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS).

About the company: Datalink Electronics Ltd is a class-leading high-tech Contract Electronic Manufacturer based in the UK. With the slogan “We are more than your traditional Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM),” Datalink offers full electronic product design, from concept to prototyping, manufacturing, and logistics. Their customer base is wide, ranging from multinational PLCs to start-up businesses.

The challenge

Despite being well-established in the industry, Aran Sharma's team continued to manually collect part prices and details directly from supplier websites. This labour-intensive process was not only prone to errors, but also lacked consistency due to the varied methods in the sourcing process.

Additionally, the complexity of the calculation process sometimes hindered their ability to identify better offers, causing them to miss out on significant business opportunities. The need for digital transformation within their operations became unmistakably apparent as the market increasingly demanded faster and more competitive quotes.

The decision

Initially, the team was hesitant to change their established processes; however, Aran began exploring potential solutions. Among the recommendations received was Luminovo. Compared to the other solutions, Luminovo stood out thanks to its intuitive interface, customer-centric support, and remarkable flexibility of the support team. Combined with a streamlined and simplified user experience, these advantages positioned Luminovo as the best choice to meet Datalink's automation needs.

I was impressed, it was easy to pick up even with minimal to no training. The support was great, and it was good to feel we were important as a customer ”.

The result

Transitioning to Luminovo helped Datalink to achieve remarkable strides in streamlining their operations and achieving significantly faster quoting times.

“What previously took 30-40 minutes could now be accomplished in 10-15 minutes”,

which led to a 14% increase in RfQs processed.

The simplified calculation process reduced potential errors and improved the quality of quotations, helping the team achieve an 8% improvement in conversion rates within less than a year.

With their efficiency and speed enhanced, the team had more time for follow-up tasks and could take a more proactive stance in managing and advancing order fulfilment. This improvement in operations made them more effective as a business, allowing them to expand into new markets and better serve their customers.

What do you appreciate the most about Luminovo?

It’s a game changer!”

At first, Aran had to convince his team, but now they agree:

“Luminovo has been a transformative force at Datalink. It has streamlined our quotation process and enhanced our response to market needs with speed and precision. Our team can now focus on core activities, thanks to the reduction in manual workload. This strategic move to adopt Luminovo has set a new standard for us in operational excellence and customer service. To any company considering Luminovo, it's a game-changer. It makes us more efficient and allows us to serve our customers better while reducing internal costs”. — Aran Sharma, Business Development Director, Datalink.

Interested? Let's talk.

Ask us anything during a live software demo.
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Let's talk.

Ask us anything during a live software demo.
Or check out a 5-min video of the most relevant features before.

Interested? Let's talk.

Ask us anything during a live software demo.
Or check out a 5-min video of the most relevant features before.

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